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Permeable envelope_Floor/ Wall/ Roof

Objective : Exploration & Trials - combining different commonly available building materials

Period : Since 2018

Application : Building Envelope - where permeability of light, air and water are desired; Green Design solution

Research & Development : Supported by Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKCFES), UTAR Sungai Long

The key materials used for their respective characteristics are:

#half round clay pipes _ porousity, shading, natural finish, affordability, availability, sustainability

#steel mesh _ visually open/ unobtrusive, lightweight, large coverage, strength, low maintenance

#polycarbonate twinwall _ visible light control, solar heat/ UV reflectance, lightness, ease of handling, durability, affordability

#adjustable glass louvres _ high degree of ventilation control with control against rainwater ingress

#insect screen/ security mesh _ control of insects and security whilst allowing view and ventilation

#plant materials _ living and evolving medium that filters light, provides shade, tempers the quality of air/ breeze filtering through

#structural steel/ aluminium frame _ ease of prefabrication, speed of on-site erection, promotes lightness in building structure and infill components, versatility


Exploration of construction detailing of an integrated assembly of components that are modular and potentially prefabricated that allows a high degree of permeability and control/ adjustability of light, air and water - being key elements to the principles of environmentally responsive, passive green design in the tropics.  Trails in mock-ups, project applications and refinement are part of the process of evolutionary development.

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